The Riversleigh

Personalised, attentive service and a sense of tranquil relaxation are among the hallmarks of a stay at The Riversleigh where you’ll enjoy the warmth of a country hotel combined with the luxury you expect from contemporary boutique accommodation. 

Located in the heart of Bairnsdale’s central business district on a quiet street over-looking the Mitchell River, The Riversleigh features elegant period fittings with tastefully-appointed modern rooms, providing a unique accommodation experience. 

The Riversleigh provides a relaxing environment with a Modern Victorian era feel, accommodating Business and Leisure guests.





If you are planning a visit to the unforgettable Gippsland region, be sure to build in some time to explore Bairnsdale and its surrounding areas along the way. With its complex history and rich Victorian heritage, Bairnsdale offers a one-of-a-kind window to the past that is sure to inspire your imagination. Plus, the convenient location of the Riversleigh in Bairnsdale makes it the perfect base from which to spend a leisurely day exploring town and drinking in the atmosphere of this distinctive and often overlooked gem near Gippsland.



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